Google's ChatGPT rival launches in search

Just after Microsoft incoperated ChatGPT into its Bing search engine, Google was working feverishly to catch up in the AI race. The company is now finally rolling out its own AI tool, Search Generative Experience or SGE, for its search engine. According to Google's blog post, users can experiment ideas with the SGE and provide feedback to the company. Its generative AI will “help you take some of the work out of search ing, so you can understand a topic faster, uncover new viewpoints and insights and get things done more easily.” Read  How to create AI art using right prompts   The feature was announced during Google's I/O event this month, but now the product is available for users to test out. The new search places a new section at the top of search results, which collects information from various sources in just one box, without having to click on different website links. Read More  China deletes 1.4 million social media posts in crackdown on 'self-media&#

Texas' GOP-held House set for impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Ken Paxton

Texas’ GOP-led House of Representatives is set to hold historic impeachment proceeding against Attorney General Ken Paxton, as the scandal-plagued Republican called on his supporters to protest a vote that could lead to his ouster AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas’ GOP-led House of Representatives was set to hold historic impeach ment proceedings against Attorney General Ken Paxton on Saturday as the Scandal -plagued Republican called on supporters to protest a vote that could lead to his ouster. The House scheduled an afternoon start for debate on whether to impeach and suspend Paxton from office over allegations of bribery, unfitness for office and abuse of public trust — just some of the accusations that have trailed Texas' top lawyer for most of his three terms. The hearing sets up what could be a remarkably sudden downfall for one of the GOP’s most prominent legal combatants, who in 2020 asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Joe Biden's electoral defeat of President Donald Trump.

The boy carried the dog for hundreds of kilometers despite the sun and rain because he had no home (VIDEO)

In a һeагt-wrenching tale of determination and compassion, a young boy’s іпсгedіЬɩe act of love and resilience has сарtᴜгed the attention and admiration of people worldwide. Despite fасіпɡ the scorching sun and гeɩeпtɩeѕѕ rain, the boy carried his loyal canine companion for hundreds of kilometers , driven by the fact that they both lacked a place to call home. The boy, whose name remains unknown, found himself in a dіffісᴜɩt and ᴜпсeгtаіп situation. He was a wanderer, living on the streets, with no stable shelter or support system. However, amidst his own ѕtгᴜɡɡɩeѕ, he formed an unbreakable bond with a stray dog that became his faithful companion. Realizing the dog’s ⱱᴜɩпeгаЬіɩіtу and the dапɡeгѕ it fасed living on the streets, the boy made a selfless deсіѕіoп. With unwavering determination, he took on the immense task of carrying his four-legged friend across long distances, seeking a safer and more secure place for them both. Under the scorching sun, the boy trudged along

MLB Thursday parlay at mega (+952 odds) today 5/25 | Pickswise

Even though we have a lighter slate of Major League Baseball games taking place on Thursday, there’s still plenty of value on the board. I have looked through today’s MLB games and found 3 picks that combine for a +952 payout at FanDuel Sportsbook. Be sure to check out our MLB predictions for all of today’s games, but for n ow let’s get into my MLB mega parlay for Thursday. Padres vs Nationals Over 9.5 (-105) Rays -1.5 (+145) White Sox -1.5 (+108) MLB parlay odds: +952 You can bet on all today’s sports at  FanDuel , America’s #1 sportsbook, which has a great new customer offer where you can get a No Sweat First Bet of $1,000.  Click here  to take advantage of this awesome offer. San Diego Padres vs Washington Nationals Over 9.5 (-105) To start off our mega parlay, we’re going with the over in the Padres vs Nationals matchup. The biggest factor that I see contributing to this total is that this matchup should not feature strong starting pitching. The Padres are significant favo

'It’s not their money’: Older Americans worried debt default means no Social Security

If the United States defaults on its financial obligations, millions of Americans could be unable to pay their bills as well. If the United States defaults on its financial obligations, millions of Americans might not be able to pay their bills as well. With Social Security and other government benefits at risk amid a political stalemate over the government's debt ceiling, experts and older Americans told ABC News that the consequences of the impasse in Washington could be dire, including for older Americans who need the money to pay for basic needs such as food, housing or Health care costs. A quarter of Americans over age 65 rely on Social Security to provide at least 90% of their family income, according to the Social Security Administration. President Joe Biden walks to the White House after landing on the South Lawn aboard Marine One, May 21, 2023 in Washington, DC. Samuel Corum/Getty Images Fred Gurner, 86, of New York, told ABC News that he uses his Social Security paymen

The ѕtгапɡe story of cows feeding two baby snakes with milk every day makes people рапіс (VIDEO)

  іпсгedіЬɩe as it may sound, there is a һeагt-wагmіпɡ and unlikely story of a mother cow who is nurturing two baby snakes with her own milk. It is not every day that one comes across such a гагe and remarkable example of maternal instinct in the animal kingdom. This extгаoгdіпагу occurrence was сарtᴜгed on video and uploaded on ѕoсіаɩ medіа, where it has since garnered a lot of attention and fascination. The footage shows the mother cow ɩуіпɡ on the ground as two small snakes suckle on her udders, drinking her milk to grow and thrive. This display of аffeсtіoп and compassion from a cow towards snakes , which are typically viewed as ргeу or ргedаtoгѕ, has left many people awestruck. It is a testament to the innate nurturing ability of Animals and the unpredictability of nature. The video has ѕрагked a deЬаte among experts, with some speculating that the snakes might have been orphaned or аЬапdoпed, leading them to seek nourishment from the cow. Others believe that the

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NBA Nuggets vs Lakers Predictions, Odds, Picks & Best Bets | Pickswise

Through the first 2 rounds of the NBA Playoffs, the most impressive team has inarguably been the Denver Nuggets. That hasn’t changed through the first 2 games, as the Nuggets have protected home court en route to a 2-0 series lead. The Lakers have been in both games, but moral victories will only go so far in the Western Conference Finals. Can Los Angeles flip the momentum in this series? With the series shifting to Los Angeles, let’s get into the odds, betting lines and our expert’s predictions. You can bet on our Lakers vs Nuggets predictions with FanDuel Sportsbook, which has the best odds available and a great new customer offer where you can get a No Sweat First Bet up to $1000! Click here to take advantage of this can’t-miss offer. Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Lakers spread, odds & betting lines Point spread: Nuggets +5.5; Lakers -5.5 Total points over/under: 222.5 points Money line odds: Nuggets +180; Lakers -220 You can also check out our Nuggets vs Lakers Same Gam

Bottas in talks to help collapsed KymiRing project

The track project was originally conceived in 2007 and by 2019 was ready to host a small MotoGP test ahead of a full motorcycle grand prix the following season as part of a five-year contract with promoter Dorna Sports. But the first two attempts at running the event were lost to the COVID-19 pandemic and any plans to run the race behind closed doors was hurt by incomplete construction of the paddock and access roads. Then the Russia-Ukraine conflict put paid to its revival in time for 2022 due to a breakdown in supply chains and Finland declaring its intention to join NATO. With the circuit unable to be homologated in time, the KymiRing's MotoGP debut was pushed to this year. But ongoing financial problems mean the developer has since been placed into administration. However, Bottas says he has held initial discussions with the circuit chiefs to see if the project can be revived, with the venue built to FIA Grade One standard to make it potentially able to host F1 race

Wolff: Mercedes lacking crucial area since Australia

Toto Wolff says Mercedes have not been able to get their Formula 1 car in the set-up "sweet spot" since the Australian Grand Prix. Mercedes have struggled with their W14 car concept, admitting in Bahrain that the zero sidepod approach was wrong and committed to an effective B-spec of the car, although this was already in development before Wolff announced the change after Qualifying in Sakhir. They were due to bring the huge upgrade to Imola for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, but with that race's cancellation, it is likely to now wait until the Spanish Grand Prix in two weeks rather than Monaco next time out. In Australia, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton qualified second and third with Hamilton finishing in second in their best showing of the year, while in Azerbaijan and Miami, both Ferrari and Aston Martin have looked the main opposition to Red Bull. And Wolff says the team have yet to replicate the "sweet spot" they found in Melbourne.

Silicon Valley Bank CEO slammed by senator for 'really stupid bet'

Senators from both major parties sharply criticized the Silicon Valley Bank CEO in a hearing on Tuesday. Senators from both parties slammed former Silicon Valley Bank CEO Greg Becker at a hearing on Tuesday, accusing him of mismanagement that they say was fueled by short-term profits and the millions he stood to gain in compensation. In a particularly heated exchange, Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., excoriated Becker over the bank's failure to protect itself against the vulnerability of large holdings in Treasury and mortgage bonds. As the Fed aggressively raised interest rates over the past year, the spike dropped the value of those bonds and punched a hole in the bank's balance sheet. "Mr. Becker, you made a really stupid bet that went bad," Kennedy said. "You had all of your eggs in one basket." In response, Becker cited an "unprecedented" bank run driven by depositor panic on social media that spurred the withdrawal of about $42 billion in a matter

New US report alleges religious freedom violations in China, Iran, India

The annual survey documents alleged mistreatment and persecution worldwide. The State Department's latest survey of religious freedom around the world shows that conditions in some of the most oppressive nations around the world are growing even more dire as well as new, troubling trends, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday. "Governments in many parts of the world continue to target religious minorities using a host of methods, including torture, beatings, unlawful surveillance, and so-called re-education camps," he said. Blinken underscored abuses against the predominately Muslim Uyghur minority group in the Xinjiang province of China, a country one senior State Department official described as "one of the worst abusers of human rights and religious freedom in the world." Hongkongers, Tibetans, Uyghur Muslims and their supporters rally outside the Chinese Embassy against the Chinese Communist Party on World Human Rights Day in London, Dec. 10, 2022